Extra Gear

Here is the Story of This Show at 123movies: Extra Gear is a companion series to Top Gear (2002), which recaps the Top Gear episodes, along with behind the scenes footage.

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 5.9

Season 1 - Extra Gear
"Top Gear breaks new ground, with a brand new spin off show getting underway this week."
"In this second episode of the new Top Gear spin off, Rory Reid chats to fellow host Eddie Jordan to find out more about this week's big film from South Africa."
"In the third episode of Extra Gear, Rory and Chris reveal some exclusive extra Hoonicorn scenes from the main show."
"In the fourth episode of the Top Gear companion show, Rory Reid and Chris Harris delve further into the new Aston Martin Vulcan."
"In the fourth episode of the Top Gear companion show, Rory Reid and Chris Harris delve further into the new Aston Martin Vulcan."
"In this packed final episode of the series, Top Gear teammates Sabine Schmitz and Matt Le Blanc join Rory and Chris on the sofa to talk about their Porsche 911 film and discuss their favourite upcoming supercar releases."
Season 2 - Extra Gear
"Comedian George Lewis joins Chris Harris and Rory Reid for Extra Gear.\n\nIn the first episode, Rory goes trackside at Dunsfold to watch Chris Harris put five brave celebrities through their paces as they set lap times in the all-new Reasonably Fast Car. Chris and Rory join George in the studio to delve deeper into their epic Kazakhstan adventure and what it's like to be one of Ferrari's chosen ones."
"Extra Gear goes behind the scenes of the Alfa Giulia film and shows just how tricky it is to drift a car through a hole in a wall. Also featuring extra scenes from Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris's USA supercar challenge, and Chris takes his first super-saloon love, the BMW M3, around the Top Gear track and falls in love all over again."
"Extra Gear lifts the lid on how to film a DB11 at speed down the runway at Dunsfold. George and Rory bond over their shared love of the Fiesta and find out where all the boy racers went from the modified car scene. And Sabine drops in to talk Golf GTI Clubsport and overtaking on the Nurburgring."
"Chris, Rory and George get under the bonnet of the new Bugatti Chiron. Chris shows us that luxury isn't just about cruising and takes the Bentley Mulsanne Speed around the Top Gear track. And if you have ever wondered how to build a life-size arcade game that is perfect for a Renault Twingo, make sure to tune in."
"George Lewis and Rory Reid go off-road UK-style with the help of two British 'King of the Hammers' drivers, Eddie and Sabine, and Chris Harris laps the Ultra4 round the Top Gear track."
"Rory and Chris discuss what it was like driving across Cuba together. Chris gets his hands on the Nissan GTR Nismo, and Ross Noble stops in to explain his love of large machinery."
Season 3 - Extra Gear
"John Hennessey and Sabine Schmitz join host Rory Reid in the studio to celebrate all things V8. Rory gets behind the wheel of an MK 1 GT40 with 1969 Le Mans winner Jackie Oliver."
04 Mar 2018
"The team goes behind the scenes of the McLaren 720S power test. Chris takes the 570S Spider around the Top Gear test track and Rory is joined in the studio by Marino Franchitti and Rob Bell."
11 Mar 2018
"Rory gets an exclusive invite to a secret stash of cars in Japan. GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough and comedian Matt Richardson join Rory in the studio to talk about the Super GT series..."
"In this week's instalment, the team go behind the scenes of the Kia Stinger film. Rory draws on his limited engineering skills to create Kia's other rear wheel drive car. And former British Touring Car champion Colin Turkington and comedian Brennan Reece join Rory in the studio."
"Rory's supercar dreams become reality in the form of a Lamborghini Countach. Car Throttle's Alex Kersten and professional race engineer Mark Wynne join Rory in the studio."
Season 4 - Extra Gear
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